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Top 10 Gifts for Dad this Fathers Day

Top 10 Gifts for Dad this Fathers Day

Watching your dad zip around the hardware store is impressive. While it may feel like his second home, to you it may feel like a foreign country. Don't know where to start? These kits and tools are a good place to begin your holiday shopping for the Mr. Fix It in your life. The best part is that he'll actually use them, instead of treating them like those long-forgotten neckties of holidays past.

Whether they're looking for something to expand their workshop, or just want more tools to fix anything and everything around the house, there's a gift here for every kind of DIY Dad. There's gifts for dads who may still need the essentials, like a standard tool kit, and then there's unexpected cool and unique gifts, like a multi-tool pen he'll never leave the house without.

The best gifts for men are the ones that people can actually use in their daily life. Getting your handy dad functional tools will ensure that every time he has to fix a broken appliance or repaint a room, he'll think of you. Plus, tools aren't themed for any holiday, so you can refer to this list for Father's Day, Christmas, and just about any day of the year you need something to say that you appreciate everything he's done for you. And you'll know exactly who to go to when you need help fixing something and you don't know what to do.

Here's the top gifts your dad he will love this summer.

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