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Cut Off Wheels 50 Packs, 4 1/2 inch Ultra Thin Cutting Wheels Anti-vibration Angle Grinder Cutting Discs for Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting

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Breaks the Performance Limit - In today's market, nearly 80% of the cutting discs can only cut 10-15 cuts. SKILFUL cutting discs have always been seeking to break the limits of product performance. After the R&D team experienced multiple experiments, we found the most perfect material ratio scheme,

German BSF Resin & Self-Sharpening - SKILFUL was used German BASF adhesive to bond cutting materials, and are reinforced by double-layer glass fiber mesh. High-stability 4-1/2 cut off wheels can ensure safety during working. The silicon carbidRe material will continue to be exposed during use to kee

Avoid Metal Thermal Burns - The 1.0mm ultra-thin metal cutting can improve the cutting sharpness, and the patented raw material ratio can promot the heat dissipation of the cutting blade during work, avoid burns on the metal cutting surface, which can save time for secondary processing.

Cutting Discs for Angle Grinders - KILFUL cutting disc wheels are compatible with all 4-1/2" angle grinders and 7/8-inch spindles, running at speeds up to 13,000 RPM and 80M/S, compatible with mold grinders, electric cutting tools, suitable for angle grinders as DEWALT , Makita accessories, Bosch, R

A Professional Cutting Wheel - The annual sales volume of SKILFULN cutting wheels exceeds 300 million. Has obtained CE, FCC and SGS certification. Can cut stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, steel and other metals.





AS A BOSS : Do more work in the allotted time,pay the same salary and get more rewards

AS A WORKER : Complete tasks with less effort

SKILFULN has been committed to research and improve the quality of our products.

1. Super Cutting Efficiency

We have found a most suitable material ratio (for the alumina, silicon carbide, resin) to find a balance between sharp and durability.
For the same 20mm thick solid stainless steel sheet, our cutting blade can save twice the working time.We can cut about 20 cuts, while most products on the market can only cut 10-15 cuts.

2. Long Service Life

Because of the material characteristics of the resin itself, exposure to too much moisture will shorten the service life.
Our cut off wheel for angle grinder set are used three layers moisture-proof non-woven fabric, and used vacuum plastic filmpackaging.Which can maximized increase the service life of the cutting wheel .

Product Size : Size: 4-1/2''x .045''×7/8'' or 115*1.0*22.2mm