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Lighted Brown Twig Branches Plug in with Dimmer and Timer 3pcs Fairy Lights; Lighted Willow Branches for Indoor Outdoor Christmas Room Wedding Decoration (Vase Excluded)

by Doba
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  • Introductions:

UPDATED VERSION: Additional three extended bars for tall vases use;  Featured with Timer and Dimmer functions for your different needs(VASE EXCLUDED)

ORIGINAL DESIGN: Exquisite designed and handmade as an artwork; lifelike tree bark texture covered; natural looking whatever light is on or off

DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of Eco-friendly materials; the branches are pliable and flexible; just shape them with your ideas

SAFETY VOLTAGE: Transformer supply; outputs 3.5V low voltage; More energy saving in timer mode

EASY TO MATCH: Water-proof designed; this led branches can be used indoor and outdoor; it can be a year round home decor; ambient lighting and gifts.



3个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-163个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-173个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-183个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-193个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-203个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-213个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-223个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-233个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-243个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-253个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-263个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-273个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-283个仙女灯;  室内室外圣诞房婚礼装饰的亮柳枝(花瓶除外)-29